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zzzzz Diz Dinner Pop-Up with Osama Dalal

zzzzz Diz Dinner Pop-Up with Osama Dalal

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 Osama Dalal's family has lived in the historic Israeli town of Akko for more than 300 years.  His grandmother's window in her home is 30 feet above the Mediterranean.  As a child, Osama would catch crab, spiny lobster, and cuttlefish by hand and put them in the basket his grandmother would lower from that window.  Then she'd cook his catch.

As a chef, Osama has championed the unique cuisine of his city, a product of its season location along the Silk Road (Marco Polo was here!).  

An ambassador of authenticity, Osama demonstrates how Ottoman influences flavor the food of Akko, more than elsewhere in Israel.

Please join us for Diz Dinner with a menu by Chef Osama Dalal.

***Menu may contain shellfish

***we are unable to accommodate dietary restrictions for this dinner, we apologize for any inconvenience

Sunday, April 28th
8:00 pm
$60 per person

*Ticket price includes tax and gratuity on food.   
Beverages are not included in ticket price,
but will be available the night of.